Floor Levelling Products

Danlaid Contracting manufactures its own brand of cement-based self-levelling floor topping compounds. For those trades people more experienced in the levelling of floors, we can offer “supply only” quotes for the materials required. For those customers who would like the levelling work done for them, we offer a “supply and place” quote option.

Level Floor

Level Floor

A pumpable or hand applied self levelling screed typically used for treating uneven or out-of-level concrete surfaces at thicknesses between 4mm – 30mm and above, in the one application.

The pump applied method mechanically mixes the materials and allows the product to be pumped in excess of 100 mtrs across a floor and up to 15 stories in height.

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Fine Floor

A hand applied, quick curing, self priming screed suitable for thin applications from 5mm down to a feather edge.

Particularly useful for filling of small divots and gouges in concrete slabs prior to installation of vinyl floor finishes etc.

A fine “scratch coat” of this product achieves perfect results when applied to a less than ideal surface.

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Fast Floor

A quick curing, hand applied screed with high strength properties, suitable for producing ramps, coves and minor concrete repairs to areas such as stair treads and risers, concrete walling and flooring.

Can be applied at any thickness.

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Excel Floor

A premium quality, specially engineered self-levelling compound, designed for thinner bed applications from 20mm down to a true feather edge.

Excel floor is designed as an under-layer for epoxy coatings and paints as such, and also direct stick timber parquetry flooring.

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Budget Floor

A high build screed designed as a bulk fill installed at thicknesses between 20mm to in excess of 100mm in the one application.

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Floor Prime

An acrylic emulsion used for priming concrete surfaces prior to applying any of the above floor levelling compounds.

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Epoxy Screeds and Coatings

Danlaid Contracting produce a range of heavy duty hard wearing epoxy coatings suitable for all situations, whether it be a workshop floor, a commercial kitchen, a butcher shop or a supermarket deli floor, Danlaid have the right product for the job. These include:

  • D.E. 500 A general purpose binding resin suitable for mixing
    with graded selected sands forming a trowellable
    epoxy mortar/screed.
  • D.E. 400 A high quality 100% solids roller applied epoxy top
    coat. It is available in a full range of colours.


A full range of liquid applied and sheet membranes suitable for all your waterproofing requirements.

Joint Sealants

A full range of polyurethanes, acrylics & fire rated sealants to suit most applications.

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